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Madhuri went the sari route at the Filmfare Awards wearing a white one by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. At first glance itself, I wasn’t a fan and I place blame on the blouse. I think with a simpler blouse, her look wouldn’t have felt as costumey as it did.

I also wish the hairdo was a bit neater.


Madhuri Dixit at Filmfare Awards 2016

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. So much to dislike here, starting from that birds nest on the head. Lipstick color looks tacky, and Maduri is about 15 years too old to do that hand on the hip pose. It just doesn’t suit her. That’s as much as I can say without sounding too mean, I guess

    • U r right dear bt I hv witness 60+(age) ladies dressing up like dis at Indian weddings. Whole luk is a 4 blouse, it brings more focus to her shoulders which r obviously nt her strong assets! N I must mention wn it comes to dressing up, she is an inspiration of many aunties..aunties here I mean 60+ women..hv seen dm idolising her! I feel, 4 Madhuri, dey r her target audience!

  2. Missing elegant class in this look. Too much put together but a downer. Hair,saree itself looks bad, the blouse is making it complete flop look. Its hedious on delicate frame of Madhuri…

    • +1
      I agree with P&P, it called for a more sensible blouse. Also, the lipcolour is too loud.
      In her defence, the 90s were a period of bad fashion in Bollywood so she epitomizes that era.

  3. I cant understand how someone whose so stunning who has a top stylist can still manage to look so bad?!! Madhuri gets so many misses its a joke now. If her hair and makeup had been better,softer lips this would have been a good look. Cant they tell when they get ready? Just look at Sridevi.

  4. She has a stylist Ami Patel whose also Alia’s Stylist. Didnt she tell madhuri’s makeup hair person what to do and that this kills the look.

  5. she usually tends to wear a lot of bling…
    That said, I find this one of her better appearances.
    Of course there are many things sticking out rather badly, but maybe I’m just happy to see her featured after so long:)

  6. Ami Patel is her stylist it seems…Oh my!!! all this while I was just being sympathetic to Madhuri thinking she doesn’t have one and her personal style is stuck in the disastrous 90s…but this is unpardonable!!!


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