1. Faux nip show alert!!

    At first glance I thought the badly placed necklace (the shorter one) and the ugly dark blue patch was a nip show!!!

    Thank God it’s only faux!

  2. as if blue necklace/jumpsuit/sandals wasnt enough.. she also put on a blue bracelet.. hallelujah! The only thing Madhu left out was blue eyeshadow and blue contact lenses.. mayb some blue nail polish..

  3. very frou frou, that necklace with the flower is suited for a kid, the sandals are matchy matchy and she cannot carry off a jumpsuit.. needs a major hair revamp and that mark over the bust area is embarassing

  4. Even if she just got rid of those ugly blue platforms and removed the blue bracelets she wouldnt look that bad. Its not that bad a jumpsuit.


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