If you hate the one-boob sari draping, wait till you see how Liz wore hers…


Liz Hurley (and Arun Nayar) At De Beers Love Ball

Holy hell, what you see is right… Ms. Hurley went blouse/bra-less at a recent event sending the photogs into a tizzy! Did she forget what ‘flash’ can do or was she having one of those moments she’s been known for in the past? Either way, here are the two least risque photos we found of the whopping WTHeyyy!


Liz Hurley (and Arun Nayar) At De Beers Love Ball

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Is she not wearing a …. ? Husband on the side could have pointed that out to her i guess. The hair, the drape and the obvious (!) all makes you think she just checked out from rehab.

    • Lol Nick, that rehab comment is hilarious.. and made me look at her once agin, nad yes she does indeed look mentally retarded ..just lookin at the clinch at the waist makes me wonder if she perhaps forgot to wear the petticoat as well and just tied the nine yards somehow around herself :P

  2. people complain about zeenat aman in Satyam Shivam Sundaram….she was actually elegant as Rupa!

    but what’s with this? where could liz have possibly got this idea from?

    • Ah nooo please don’t associate Julia Roberts and Richard Gere with these two characters. They were sublime, and these two are an embarrassment to themselves.

      • First of all, Im highly disappointed with Liz, she usually wears her saris with such incredible grace, that I did NOT expect this massive faux paux (not to mention the terrible draping)from her.

        But seriously, must you resort to cheap name calling? (even if you did censor it) comments like these just degrade the person who makes them, not the person they are targeted at.

        Also, she’s a model, an actress, she had a multimillion dollar cotnract with Estee Lauder and is one of the main reasosn that her husband is famous.

        HARDLY a case of “foppish millionaire picking up a street-side #^@$%” And besides, Julia Roberts was divine in that role, comparing her to Liz is definitely not an insult.

        And why is everyone blaming the poor husband? He is perfectly well turned-out and I highly doubt he can tell Liz what to wear!

  3. Oops!! Now where do I start…I’m shocked out of my wits!! My mouth is still open with this alarming picture of hers! How disgusting! Would like to request her to please stay away from our traditional outfit if all she has to do is to make it look cheap!! How can a person stoop this low?! Didn’t Arun warn her before leaving for the party…totally disgusting!!

    • Agree with you completely on this. She has no right to make our traditional saree look so cheap & disgusting. She should be flogged in the Fashion Police Station & barred from wearing a saree.

    • I blame Arun equally. He should have advised her strongly against this considering he is the one who is Indian and should have freakin’ known better.

      • Ok this sounds kinda sexist, and racist to me…he should’ve known better because he’s Indian? So the reason she’s dressed stupidly is because she is NOT Indian? Decency is not something that goes by country…
        Also, I really don’t think it’s a husband’s place to tell his wife what to wear or not to wear. Like she’s not so stupid that she can’t think for herself.

  4. Gosh i wish she hadn’t done that! and I really think it was an oversight or at least I really hope so. Her sari, makeup/hair etc… is amazing.
    sigh, Lizzy…..

  5. Good lord, i didn’t see that, i didn’t see that!!
    I can’t forgive the pleats either. Like she bunched up the saree and tacked a diaper pin or something.
    This is indisputably the worst appearance on HHC till date.

  6. I think she took the ball/fundraising for “naked heart” foundation way too literally. Or must be trippin on some some strong stuff. Bahaha.

  7. It is like she was late for the event and wore the saree running for it while high on something…forgot the blouse, forgot to tuck in the pleats or make them, do her hair. I hate to use such strong words but seriously, I want to punish her doing this to a saree.
    As the worst public appearance by a celeb Kareena’s camel toe is finally replaced !

  8. i’m not so concerned with the blouseless situation (blouses are, after all, a relatively new development),and from what i can see, she seems to have quite nice breasts. on the other hand, i find the bunching/no pleats appalling,esp.given that we have seen liz wear saree properly before (maybe no stylist this time?),and the fact that the saree is so sheer (and sheerly draped) that any improper bunching was sure to show up.add the hair and makeup – just one big disaster

  9. i’m quite disappointed seeing her like this.i used to think that sonia gandhi and liz hurley were the only non indians who could carry a saree with grace. or at least i thought so until now :(

  10. GROSSSS !! how cud she ?? what is that husband for if not to warn her of impending disaster ? How cud she ? And that saree itself is just not worthy – looks cheap and tacky .. and then she’s not just forgotten her blouse, but also forgotten her petticoat !! Ok I know sometimes these days they dont wear them, but p-u-h-leese , not with thsi kind of material !
    Everything is wrong – that hair with that head band.. what was she thinking ?
    Back to the saree – the draping – what is that ? a safety pin-pinning of a sarong .. isnt it ??
    Good lord , dont do this to the saree lady !

  11. not only has she “forgotten” the blouse but she’s wearing the saree so badly… she’s actually knotted it in the front… making it look like a “kaamvali’s” dhoti!
    and whats this synthetic/polyester printed junk… cudnt she have chosen a nicer chiffon/crepe to “show off” her “assets”

  12. Disaster is an under word, In fact, I feel I am dignifying her avatar by even commenting on it. Sure, will call up a rehab in India to book a place for her.

  13. I was waiting for this evolution in saree draping, thought it might come from a Bollywood personality…but Liz obviously feels she needs to up the ante! GOOD GOD WOMAN!

  14. The only redeeming virtue of this appearance is that she manages to make Nauheed Cyrusi & Ameesha Patel look like the best dressed people on earth EVER.

    *goes off to put some cucumber on damaged eyes*

    • lol haha hilarious! i don’t know what liz was thinking! and has she just tied a knot in the bottom half of the sari at her waist? the pleats are so bad. it’s like how a 6 year old would put on a sari! and the hairband and hair make her look like a school kid! liz…stop smoking that cheap dope!

    • Well put. This woman needs to go to a shrink. She dumped Hugh over the Divine Brown issue, i guess this is stooping even lower. Why did she not come our wearing only her birthday suit next time,i guess that will settle it all .YUCK forever.

  15. Dear P and P

    Can you please put a warning like “not for family viewing” or something similar like you used to do before so no one opens this pic in their office !

    This pic completely erases the beautiful pink saree image I had of hers from the breast cancer campaign some years ago ….

  16. guyss
    I need all th advice I can get.
    I have a friends engagement to attend, I’ll be wearing a sabyasachi anarkali, it’s not very heavy or loud and I want to keep the hair and make up simple as I have these great polki baalis I’ll be wearing.

    I have long hair , and pretty straight, what style would look best for my hair with an anarkali–soft waves or simple straight?

  17. Okay, this is so deliberate it hurts my eyes! Seriously, the way the saree has been pleated against her, um, bare parts, is so obvious! Like, Oh yes, I am going without a blouse. And oh no, you are not getting to see me completely topless!

  18. not only did she forget her blouse she also forgot the petticoat…otherwise the sari doesn taper this way…seems she jus picked the sari n draped it..really really bad..

  19. Its a WTHeyy hall of fame….freaked me out! Guys, i think she forgot to wear the choli…just plain forgot!! Like we forget cellphones or wallets sometimes…she forgot the choli !!!

  20. She’s giving people wrong impression about sari;) no it goes with a blouse. Possibly both of ’em were drunk, cause this’s GROSS, a woman can’t forget to put on blouse & her man can’t forget to remind her either, before going out in public!

  21. Is she wearing a petticoat underneath? The way her saree is pulled to the left I can see her calf and it doesn’t look like she is wearing a petticoat either.

    Somebody tell her that the blouse and petticoat-less drape is done with very different fabrics!

  22. the Daily Mail, Uk website has more pics of Liz Huley from this event.. she is not wearing a petticoat either..thats y the bunching/no pleats!!

  23. She shot to fame with that safety pin dress, remember? This may be her way of trying to recapture that level of fame. I think her insecurity is showing more than anything else.

  24. OMG! Hahaha, only Liz Hurley. Remember, this is the safety pity lady. I can’t say I was TOO surprised.
    At least she’s not entire unpleasant to look at. If my breasts look like that at her age (or NOW actually), I’ll be happy.

  25. Liz Hurley always likes to make an entrance with her clothes, so this is nothing new for her – but aside from the exposing, the saree is so average looking. A dull grey colour with an uninspiring border, I don’t know why she always picks such boring sarees to wear. Somebody please introduce her to Sabyasachi!

  26. OMG how could someone do this? and her husband thought it was a cool idea too?!! and they were at a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This ia seriously crazy and shameful!! but then again what do you expect from a fame hungry liz!!

    The saree has been worn badly too, its one of those new shimmer saree’s, so that will make the flash worse.

  27. she does have good b**bs i must say… hilarious and disgraceful at the same time! … funny thing is,some sites are mentioning this quite simply as a see through sari (ala a see through gown mebbe).. so ill informed about such a graceful and awesome garment …

  28. eww, damn what has she done to the saree man!!! aside from the no blouse business, why are the pleats non existent!? you’d think she was trying to relive the ‘black dress safety pins’ moment again!

  29. oh good lord! is this some kinda joke? and to think she went for a breast cancer campaign? she just disgraced every graceful thing about a sari. someone should tell her how to wear one. With some things, you never break the rules.

  30. wow…. N this is the same woman i thot wore her sarees so gracefully… remember her pink ombre saree at the breast cancer awareness something somthing?! this is digusting…she’s totally ridiculing the dress!

  31. hahaha!! i dont know if one should laugh or be mad!! well its not going to me any good being mad so i am just going to LAUGH>>hahahahahahhahahahaha!!!

  32. As if not wearing a blouse wasn’t bad enough, but I can’t help but notice how horribly her sari is tied and how badly it is draped… there are absolutely NO redeeming qualities to this ridiculous “look”!

    P.S. The De Beers-supported Love Ball London, was a benefit for the Naked Heart Foundation… how literal of Liz!

  33. what’s wrong with.. looks like she did this to get some free publicity.. it looks cheap and distastful and what was arun nayyar thinking.. isn’t it his responsibility to prevent her from looking like a public joke.. and more than that how can he like his wife flaunting her assets like that.. eek

  34. Shameless! …but im not surprised. she has created enough controversies during her wedding in india. even the models who bare their breasts in editorials abroad cover their nipples with their hands. those wearing dresses that does show their boobs have a small part of fabric that clings/covers the nips. this is disgusting!

  35. Thank god …bhai is image ko public karo..Chalo … Ram sena waloon ek aur murga aaya..jalao jalao ab inke poster jalao…

    i wish more celebrities do this so as to occupy the moral brigade from targeting decently dressed common girls.

    PS:Total pun intended. (just in case…)

  36. Mother of all gods…what the heck, I am actually not as peeved about the “no braouse” syndrome as musch as the bunch everything up and put a diaper pin to hold it together bit.

    Wow. Poor girl, I almost feel sorry for her now.

  37. I’m an engineer, and we’re into disaster root cause analysis — it seems like the root cause of this disaster might have been Arun…I can imagine Liz having put on a dress (without a bra) and almost ready to go when up comes Arun with a Sari his mother sent from India, insisting/coaxing she’ll look gorgeous in that. Out comes the dress and they both throw this together in the last minute….I mean what else can explain this?

  38. I’m not sure why but I feel really offended that she thought it was OK to wear a saree like this. Never liked her and dislike her even more now.

  39. No matter how much I give her the benefit of doubt…I cannot stop thinking this is some kind of publicity stunt… this is utterly and completey disgusting not to mention insulting!! I have no respect for her and especially for her “Indian” husband!!!

  40. Eeewwww. This is the ickyest look I have seen on any major celeb EVER. There might’ve been little kids there. It’s just a stupid and obnoxious way to behave to go outside looking like that.

    I mean I’m pretty sure that if a dude went out with any of his *ahem* parts showing, there would be police charges involved. So if a girl goes out with her *ahem again* lady parts in full view, it’s kinda the same concept. It’s just wrong. I mean don’t subject people to seeing your bits, they might want to shampoo the image out of their brains after.

  41. I was going to say that she should have at least pinned up her saree but forgot that there is no place she could have pinned it to… on the whole looks very disheveled and out of bed and downright trampy…. well with this trend set by her I am sure, it not going to be long before seeing bollywood actresses following suit… we are already down to bikini blouse & see-thru blouse by Nauheed…

  42. I have a feeling that she tied this sari like a sarong because she/her stylist were not desi and did not realize the wthey they were doing.
    as for the blouse— im no prude, but i am appalled that anyone, desi or not, would go like that for an event.

  43. p&p this is the funniest post ever.
    i have reread the comments a few times and some are soooo funny.
    thanks for the laugh people.
    i have nothing left to say…you guys have said it all…hahaha

  44. But admit it… it was a matter of time before someone attempted this. Atleast she has the body it pull it off much better than any of the other actresses i have in mind.

  45. looks like it was an accident… coz there’s a pic of her (on daily mail, uk) covering her front with a folder when leaving… arun looks pissed too lol

  46. What a waste of a sari. I can’t believe she did that, especially when she has worn saris so beautifully before! I saw on another site that she covered up her chest with a bag or something when she left, someone must have pointed out that her high beams were on! And hubby needs a smack in the head for not telling her to cover up before they left home.

  47. ..doesnt walking with no support feels awkward after a while..i mean they just hang down..and the gravitaional pull seems to pull it further…Liz Liz please tell me..

  48. She really nailed the hair, earrings and sari in your cropped pic.. then you see it uncropped and I’m just moreso turned off by the sloppy sari wrapping itself and the shoes. Miss and a miss. More than the fact that she forgot to wear a blouse. Neck-up, amazing.

  49. Oh God ! Please dont ever make any saree accessible to her ! She is killing it !! This is horryingly disgustingly annoyingly ugly !! What was her husband thinking ? Bad draping, bad hair, bad make up and bad bad bad bad boob show !


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