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Over the weekend, Lisa Ray got married to Jason Dehni. Our congratulations to the happy couple!

P.S. Her gown was by Wendell Rodricks and the white sari is a Satya Paul.

P.P.S. Catch her receiving her Satya Paul sari inside.

Lisa Ray and Jason Dehni

Lisa Ray and Jason Dehni

Lisa Ray Receives Her Satya Paul Sari

Photo credit: Twitter

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  1. Awwww congrats to her!!!I love her sari..Being a cancer survivor, she beat the odds and it’s so wonderful seeing her celebrating life. God bless!

  2. I think there is a certain grace needed to carry outfits which she is lacking in these pictures. There is way too much cleavage in the red outfit for a bride and the saree some how just doesnt seem well draped.
    She looks nice in the dress and she is a gorgeous lady no matter what.

  3. She looks bloody fabulous!! Esp love her Satya Paul sari: simple, elegant, stunning. Congrats to the gorgeous couple!! (Does he have a brother? lol….)


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