In Pink Tartan


The dress reminds me of the witching hour. Strong, feminine and with dark secrets. Except, on the lovely Lisa the dress was bit of a mismatch. More nice than naughty, the dress feels like a costume from a masquerade ball. All that’s missing is a feathered mask.

This one’s a Not Quite for us; Lisa needed another gown.

This belle of the ball may turn into an officer of the court at the strike of midnight, but it at least didn’t have us yawning.

Left: Pink Tartan
Right: Lisa Ray At Double Dhamaal Premiere at IIFA 2011

Photo Credit: Daylife


  1. I gotta disagree with you guys on this one; Lisa looks absolutely stunning. She brings freshness to an edgy dress, and makes it her own.


  2. Disagree with your verdict. I think Lisa looks absolutely fetching. How cool is it for a person to take the understanding/interpretation of a dress from one corner to the other just by wearing it? There’s something to be said about how she is wearing the dress and the dress is not wearing her, here.




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