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High priestess of cutouts, Lisa sported a white Deme by Gabriella sheath while at a television show launch. Partially pinned hair and tan sandals finished out the look.

Though the bunching of fabric at her hips in every picture hints at the dress’ fit/finishing issues, she sure worked every bit of it! She wears the dress well; Ms. Haydon looked good!

Lisa Haydon In Deme By Gabriella At India's Next Top Model Launch-1

Lisa Haydon At ‘India’s Next Top Model’ Launch

Lisa Haydon In Deme By Gabriella At India's Next Top Model Launch-2

Lisa Haydon At ‘India’s Next Top Model’ Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She’s a stunner no doubt!- but I wish she’d change it up once in a while. It’s always the same silhouette, drabby hair, washed out looking makeup.
    Thumbs down!!

  2. Super bored with her looks now. There seems to be no effort; anything with cutout would do. Scrolling down, the moment I see her face, I can guess what’s coming.

  3. Serious question !- Does she even own a bra?!Somehow she almost always wears a cutout maxi dress with no option of wearing a bra inside and so her boobs are always on display !! I agree that it doesn’t look tacky or anything but I seriously wonder if she is actually going through a cutout maxi phase solely cos she is in no mood to purchase a bra !!

      • Ooooh!! So are u her stylist or one of her PR team who is actually confirming that she doesnt want to wear a bra even if does own one?? If yes, thanks for answering my question!!
        If no, just take a chill pill and get over the need to get back as if I have offended you or all the flat-chested women out there!!
        As you can see in my comment, my concern is not that she is not wearing a bra, its just that she seems to be on a very blah cutout phase of late and was wondering if a bra was the reason behind it, in good humour of course !!


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