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Wearing Deme by Gabriella, Lisa attended the recent Awards evening. The beautiful model finished out her look with a Gucci bag and black heels.

Ms. Haydon sure loves her cutouts! And while she works the hell out of these slinky dresses, we can’t quite escape a sense of déjà vu… Seen her do way too many versions of this in the past.

Lisa Haydon In Deme by Gabriella At Vogue Beauty Awards 2014

Lisa Haydon At Vogue Beauty Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Guys – can you pick up a grammar book? What is “finished out” – it is “finished her look”. Similarly what is “works the hell out?” You sound like 3 tier city chumps

    • For such a grammar devotee, you might like to proofread your comment again. There should be a full stop between your second sentence and your third. You’re welcome. Also, who uses “Guys” anymore, that’s ‘like’ such an American college phrase. (See how ridiculous I sound? Hint: You do too).

    • Stop hating, will you? That comment didn’t make any sense. The description sounds perfect to me irrespective of being American or Indian.

  2. She has a lovely figure and I wish she would wear dresses that were classier & more sophisticated than these silly cut-out dresses. Not a fan of this look, but I do love her confidence!

  3. She oozes so much oomph and confidence! Wish she picked a less boring outfit and sported a different hair-do. Also, I think she deserves to be called an actress after her wonderful performance in Queen, no? 😉

  4. Well, if it ain’t broken…why fix it. But Ms Haydon (who I believe is now qualifies as a model turned actor) can surely experiment with her hair. That’s more same old, same old than her cutout gowns. And please not the side-swept look!! It’s becoming the Anarkali of hairstyles!


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