LFW Summer 2014: Nishka Lulla

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LFW Summer 2014- Nishka Lulla-1

LFW Summer 2014- Nishka Lulla-2

LFW Summer 2014- Nishka Lulla-3

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hard to fathom that these pieces fall under a “designer” category. They are terrible…even the stitching looks awful. The flip flop as footwear…. ridiculous.

  2. OMG is that a onesie I spot in the second row.
    Those flipflops are really ugly and i say this as an ardent flipflop lover. The white stripe makes it look really cheap and bathroom-y.
    It all looks very comfortable but most veer into sleepwear territory, which I don’t think is what she intended.

  3. I have always made fun of Nishka here, but… these are quite cool. Except for the bronze pjs. The white stripe on the flipflops are pulling these down though, should have gone for leather thongs.

  4. Love how unabashed hippie & carefree Nishka´s collections are! On the right lady they will work amazingly. Genelia already sold me that white hoodie, lusting over it!

  5. I’m looking at all of these “collections”. I don’t think these designers know what they are doing I mean half of this looks unwearable, but we’ll see it all on wannabe clueless Western socialites who think they’re fashion forward and chic and then we’ll get a boatload of WTHeyyyy! posts. Their idea of high end is Zara and Bebe. I’m dying for Queenie to show up in that onesie. She’s dumb enough to do it.

  6. What a joke!!! LFW is about celebrating Indian talent and creativity. I cannot believe these clothes are classed as designer – you couldn’t pay me to wear these clothes to bed!!!!!


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