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I have actually a question for you guys, i am looking to buy a clutch and am hoping that it’d be fun, funky and great! I can’t afford the Guccis and Bottegas because everyone has them and they are so expensive..! I will be in u.s in the next few weeks am looking to get something in the exotics, big trend but under 300$, can you plz hep? plz plz plz? i am 22 and want something fun and that which gets noticed. plz help.

– Raima Saberwal
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There are many many choices out there and you just have to keep an open mind and a sharp eye about. Here are, our two picks for you…

Exotics have been around for a while now and this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, certainly strong for spring and well into Fall for sure.

I really like the Elaine Turner Yellow Embossed Croc clutch for its color and functional shape. Can you imagine that delicious yellow for Spring? Or in Fall, paired with a beautiful ‘winter-white’ coat or even grey! And at $129, it is well under budget! (Its on pre-order now, but the wait will be worth it!)

Buy Allie Yellow Embossed Croc Via Elaine Turner

As for the R & Y Augousti Shagreen Minaudiere, it just screams statement, in a good way! The shape is great, unconventional and fun, and can be effortlessly dressed up or down! Its so young and chic, the best part, its still under $300.

Buy R & Y Augousti Shagreen Minaudiere Via Barneys

Happy Shopping!



As for others who write in to us with questions, we do the best we can. If we haven’t gotten back to you its either because we’ve already blogged about it, don’t know ourselves or are getting around to it… so patience patience patience! :) But do write, we love hearing from you!

Oh, and stay posted because we have a verrrriiieeeee exciting contest coming up soon!

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  1. i jus luv the yellow clutch..
    the fact tht its under 150 is yumm..
    totally adore ur style..

    n i hope the contest is not limited last one

  2. Dear Priyanka

    Thankyou so very much for getting back to my email and actually suggesting the bags, i luv both of dem but am absolutely in luv with the r & y and the first storei went into was Barneys and actually picked it up. it looks even more great in person and i even told the sales lady that it was recommended by your blog. i already carried it twice here in bbay and got so many compliments. thank very much.

    much thanks


  3. @ Anon

    Thank you…and as for the contest, you’ll find out soon enough… :) Rmber, patience, patience, patience!!! :)

    @ Raima

    Am so glad to have heard back from you, more so, to hear that you actually picked one of the clutches. Its a great choice and enjoy it!




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