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Spotted Shaheen Abbas at Aza carrying the the Chloe Bay in metallic leather…


Buy The Chloe Bay Via Net-A-Porter (at $2185)


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  1. OMG!! My mom recently purchased this similar baggggg …its in white in color and of leather….for $25..and she hates…

  2. raspberry, which cuts should we be wearing? i need to know as i’m a bit fashion impaired and i have to buy new clothes!

  3. Raspberry, people are still wearing bootcuts because the right bootcut pair can be really flattering. I love bootcuts- just not this particular one:-) Try the bootcuts in SFAM, Joes jeans..

  4. Am gonna have to agree with Anon. I am bigger on the hips but i have a pair of bootcuts that suit me perfect.. and look more formal…
    I think in shaheens case, her denims are a bit longer that usual.. they fit her well though..

  5. I like the jeans on her. I am a bit shorter and all my jeans fit me like that even with heels sometimes(even though I wear petite/short sizes).

  6. I don’t like the wash and the length of the jeans, it makes them look cheap and ill-fitted; like the bag though
    I myself prefer skinny jeans,, they are more comfy and somehow look better on me even though I am sort of hippish…

  7. nosh, I have the same problem as well but I get jeans altered by a tailor. The tailor can give you the exact finish as before and there is nothing like a well fitted jeans.

  8. Love the bag.. Seems roomy as hell too!!
    Any idea which bag it is lying next to the mannequin? I would love a matte copper finish in that one!! Any clue?

  9. Sorry people…just can’t get myself to lke boot cut. I have an old pair that look great, but they feel very out of vogue. Im all for straight fit…skinny jeans are not a compulsion, but boot cut i cant wear!!

    Having said that, i know boot cuts are making a big comeback..but thats only in high waisted pants. Saw them in Rome, but u need a certain kind of body for them. Plumper and shorter ppl like myself could never wear them.

  10. Hi anoushka…sorry i thought my reply was answered question.

    Well, i just got myself a great pair of jeans..they are straight fit but the lycra makes them look like skinny jeans. Also, since im on the heavier side i chose a very very dark blue shade that makes me look slim and goes with everything.

    Hope that helped you. Also ive noticed that slim fit jeans go with longer tops (that happen to be really in). Of course the best type of jeans that will suit u depend on ur body type…:-)

  11. Dont care much for the bag, looks like something I saw in Bangkok last month. I have to agree with Rasberry the jeans are atrocious, hate the wash and the fit.

  12. i personally love bootcut! and i dont own a pair of skinny jeans…but that’s because i cant imagine forcing myself into a pair of them…but i did try them once! and they were soooo not skinny! Kinda lose as u went down the leg. Tube style is much better if u want the “skinny” look.
    btw does anyone know why my skinnys refused to look like theyre supposed to? hehe

    but anways, her jeans look bad. somethin is off.

    btw, WHO is she?

    and the bag is ok. but for that price?? No Thanks! That Choo clutch Twinkle Khanna carried was less in price and higher in style!

  13. @ Joules

    Yeah, I’ve thought about getting them tailored, but I don’t think it’s worth the money since it gives me an excuse to wear heels/platforms and I can never commit to one-two pairs of jeans. I am always getting new pairs 😛

  14. loouuvveeee the bag, its quite cooollll.
    i think for someone whos had a baby a couple of months back she looks pretty good ya. also boot cuts are fantastic post pregnancy.
    and love her jewellery too

  15. i thnk we should be talkin abt the bag thn the jeanss!! every1 has their own personal choice of dressing!! and i personally like her jaens.. and i agree with farha whoevr she is.. shaheen abbas makes lovely jewellry.. style with elegance!! and the bag is hot i loved the color too 🙂

  16. i personally believe tht anythng on shaheen abbas luks amazing.. this women has style and a good dressing sense i wouldnt doubt her choice by any chance!! this pic mst hve bin taken long ago when bootcut was in fashion cause whenever i go thru magazines and news papers this women dresses up like a goddess.. and the bag is hot.. i have one tht too!! 🙂 i loved her bridal asia collection!!


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