This Too?

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So, by now we know that Soha seems to have a thing for denims of unsightly length as evidenced time and again… But oh Gawd, tell me this preference (?) of hers isn’t going to extend to her trousers as well!

Soha Ali Khan


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  1. hmmm.. this may be a case of not finding the right size. esply if ur height is b/w the std petite and normal then this can happen!

  2. She has enough money to get her clothes tailored, I am sure.

    This could have been cute if the pants were the right size. Everything else looks good! Even the hair.

  3. i guess she does not get the concept that pant lenght should be according to the heel ur wear… maybe she’s getting pants tailored with no heels on..and i guess when she wears heel she does not realise her mistake!

  4. why does she look soooo dull, all the time??? never perked up or pretty feminine.. such a turn off.. and her mom is so elegant!


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