A New Do?

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Spotted Lara Dutta with a new hair do and a Bebe-ish dress on the sets of Nach Baliye.

We can’t bring ourselves to like the new hair or the dress, what about you? Hopefully, it’s just a wig!

Update: We were right. Lara was in Bebe. Thanks ‘Sony’ for the picture! 😉


Lara Dutta on ‘Nach Baliye’


Lara Dutta on ‘Nach Baliye’
Right: Bebe Floral Maxi Dress


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  1. I actually like her hairstyle, makes her look younger and cuter. And the dress is not bad too, minus the weird white frilling on the skirt. And can we talk about her toned arms. She looks great!

  2. dress is HID..the halter part is nice enough but knees down, it’s plain wrong..how tough is it to get a maxi right!! her hair looks good, though…i liike 🙂

  3. I saw this too and
    1.) Laura Dutta has the most fantastic body, her arms and shoulders looked great (I want her abs)
    2.) I’ll take this ANYDAY over those glitzy things the others dress in

  4. I think the hairstyle suits her rather nicely but her hairstylist at the show must have been in a rush seeing how Lara’s hair looks messily put together.

  5. The dress would be really cute without that weird fabric “v” thing smack dab in the middle. The print is nice and girly. As for her hair, it’s alright, not great, not awful.

  6. Arpit,
    Gosh, and I was so happy thinking that the’Typo Queen’ did good today. Aaargh! Not the first time it has happened, won’t be the last either! LOL! Thanks! 😉

  7. I LOVE the hair and the dress!! The hair is chic… and Lara needs a change. and the dress is so sophisticated and funky at the same time. I love the colors.

  8. aww lol the bach baliye typo was so cute! hahah would def make a great show! =P
    anyway, i don’t mind her w/ short hair, she has a pretty strong personality so she’ll rock w/e she has, and if bips did it, then we know her bff has to fall victim to it sometime soon! the dress is eh, w/e, kinda wish the top was white instead of the black, and that triangle fringe or w/e should def be removed… PLEASE KISS,,> … less is more!

  9. I like the hair, but I think it could have been an inch or two shorter, because the bottom part looks a little mullet-y.
    I’m a bit confused by the dress. I think it would have looked lovely if it didn’t have that strange frill.
    But, damn, Lara looks gorgeous. And her arms are KILLER!

  10. I thought she looked great with her new funky cut. Wish I could carry it off. And she spoke so we.. – even Karisma Kapoor paled in front of her


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