Lara On MW Magazine

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We’ve seen a few MW covers and none were really post-worthy. But, this one I couldn’t resist.

A gorgeous Lara graces the latest cover in a mini white dress with silver YSL Tribute sandals. Am so drooling over those silver YSLs.
(Gotta say, these are my favorite versions of the many we have seen. And, we have seen a lot of them. In black, pink and yellow.)

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Lara Dutta On MW Magazine


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  1. there’s too much writing on this cover, and it’s too big. i always like lara. but i wish magazines didn’t feel the need to fill up their covers with big writing and other graphics, it’s distracting.

  2. I think amongst all the actresses with fit bodies today, Lara is the fittest and hottest, too. Everything is perfect – right curves, right shoulders, toned arms and abs…. and surprise! her head does not look better than her body. Now only if she’d tell me what diet plan she follows and the name of her personal trainer… hehe.

  3. GAH!!! I want her body!!
    like…in a non-innapropriate way
    now all I have to do is grow another foot (please God) and run another 8 miles everyday

  4. pdaervo, i dont have to grow, luckily but I’d have to actually workout consistently and prolly do a lot more lunges and squats – oh there’s some ice cream in the fridge.. lol

  5. @anita
    lol, yeah- unfortunately, I’m very petite- it makes me feel very small, especially when people pat me on the head
    …I must have been malnourished when I was younger 🙂

  6. HOT Booty Bidness…no so much on the upper half…and the eyes are kinda scary.If I had those legs, If probably never wear anything below knee length

  7. Very nice legs, but the pose is way too obvious—-> look at my booty y’all…lolz

    P.S. don’t like the haircut, and face expression is scary…

  8. Love love love the Ysl tributes. The brown Ysl tributes look so hot with black opaque tights. Has anyone seen the muse two bag in blue, its to die for oh and the Ysl besace bag in grey and can go on and on hahaha


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