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First things first, not a fan of that bag. Didn’t like it in navy, don’t like it in purple.

The tee while interesting, just ‘pops’ (for lack of a better word) a bit too much against all that black. Instead of the long black skirt, wish Laila had opted for a pair of dark denims… Oh well.


Laila Khan At Art Expo Launch


Left: Emporio Armani Butterfly T-Shirt
Right: Dior Le Trente Bag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. dunno who this lady is(fardeen khan’s sis??) but she’s gorgeous, i love the t shirt v interesting, skirt works better than same ol boring jeans, bag color is hideous but it somehow works with the overall look, all in all, one of the better styled/lookin ladies i’ve seen here for some time..jmo

  2. The Dior Le Trent Bag doesn’t look that good in purple. Prefer the brown version. You are right, Laila should have chosen denims. The t shirts beauty is cut out by a long black skirt.

  3. Either her bag is a badly made fake, or the lighting is too strong. And that tee, though nice, just doesnt look good. In my opinion, the t-shirt and bag clash too much!

  4. Even though it’s Emporio Armani, that shirt just shouldn’t be allowed. The bag looks like what all the ‘snobby’ ‘fashionable’ aunties carry around. Nice and gaudy.


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