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Hrishita’s red sari reminded me quite a bit of the one worn by Vidya in “Heyy Baby” and while I loved Vidya in it(one of the few scenes where she did look good in..) I hated the drape on Hrishita.. A simple drape would have looked far better..!

Quite odd of her also to wear this number to an event that was all about dancing the night away..!

Hrishita @ Rich Boyz Bash
Vidya in “Heyy Baby”

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  1. Gosh I am so bored today!

    Anyhoo, once again, why so down on Vidya?? I think she looked quite lovely through the entire movie 🙂

    I like this sari both on Vidya and Hrishita… it’s edgy without being skanky.

  2. Vidya had a jumbo tires all around her waist in that song. She is so matronly.

    When she is on TV i feel like people around her will bend over and touch her feet like desis do.

  3. lmao @ nik’s comment. cant agree more, she’s got the ‘ma’ look going!lol. the blouse looks hideous and maybe tis her arms! 😛

  4. I hate the sari. Its too loud..! and the black work on it makes it stand out more! Hrishita has some weird black thing going on her saree all over.. gross.. !

  5. saya – its not just her arms. Its her voice, body, hair, the way she talks, walks

    well its just her whole existance that is just so ammaji.


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