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Kriti also wore black like her co-stars picking a beaded Zara Umrigar dress. While she started out with pumps, it looks she switched to her ankle-strap sandals while at the event, a move that wasn’t a good one if you considered the overall look. I know of stories where actresses opt for flats so as not to look taller than their co-stars but last I checked, the year was 2019.

Le sigh.

Kriti Sanon

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t get the relevance of your comment about actors being insecure of actresses’ height. She didn’t change into flats so how does this comment fit here?

  2. Or perhaps her feet hurt and/or she just wanted to be more comfortable? Last I checked, it was 2019. Women shouldn’t be expected to trot around in painful footwear if they don’t want to.

    • I logged in to post this exact comment, and found yours! As has happened at Cannes, maybe our celebs will also start removing their heels on red carpets…

    • Changing into flats would have validated your point, but she changed into kitten heels which are uncomfortable too in a way.. so I agree with Payal here! Either way, she looks fab

  3. She always wears these mid length kitten heels which are not at all flattering imo. She should embrace her height with confidence. If you’re doing glam, Go big or go home. And before people start attacking that oh she wanted to be comfortable – umm then she might as well wear flats

  4. Does wearing a mini need one to stand in the “I’m dying to pee” pose? I see this in all the short-short outfits. Is it just very uncomfy to stand without crossed legs?


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