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It was a Seema Gujral lehenga for Kriti while at a recent wedding reception in Mumbai. The sequinned lehenga/skirt portion was fine but that blouse/choli made for an odd choice… Is it me or does its design (not coverage) look like a literal strapless bra? I ask this as no prude (please wear as much or as little as you like), I only ask about the design decision here. It’s a pass for me.

Kriti Sanon

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Yup, you are right dear blogger!!! Plus, the man next to her is in formal wear, so the lehenga with that blouse (if we can call it one) is looking even more odd.

  2. To a wedding? Forget about being a prude but you’re sure to grab more eyeballs than the bride for whatever reason and that’s rude..

  3. When innerwear becomes outerwear, it always spells disaster. Glad you guys are back to your opinionated selves Priyanka and didn’t just ask us if we like what we see 😉

  4. I guess I wont be a prude either, but will call a spade a spade…. its awfully tacky, vulgar and silly to dress as barely as this. The guys next to her dressed to the nines and look so sharp and Kriti comes in this strapless bra. I think Karthik Aryan actually looks worried for her in the last pic that she might have an oops moment.

    So ridiculous and makes me sad and mad at the need to dress like this. And so be it if I get called out that its a woman’s choice to dress as flimsy and barely as she wants. But then I’d say the same if the guys were to come in scrap banyans and speedo trunks. It looks supremely RIDICULUS.

  5. Lol, I laughted so hard at the Tara comment, seems like everyone is going the Malaika or Tara way! I m just going to say it, that top is so inappropriate for a reception.

  6. just an observation ..all things being equal why are women wearing less and less. why dont men usually wear less and show off their assets/physiques ?

    • Yup good point.
      While some women fight battles against silly dress codes (like women’s volleyball where the officials ask for bikini dress code in women’s volleyball matches and the barely there coverage makes it difficult to play or be comfy in, and there are segments in the world where women have to follow overly-covered dress codes – most of these are “man”dated and women are trying to take a stance against).
      While women fight their battles on comfort choices, we have these utterly tacky sightings that completely makes one go….huh, what am I missing here?….

  7. I can actually see the straps of the bra- not that it makes the outfit any better. Given Kriti’s otherwise good dressing sense I feel this must be something she had to wear to promote her new movie?

  8. I have long stopped seeing the difference between Bras, bikini tops and many bollywood blouses and choli. Sometimes the fabric differs and often not even that.

  9. It is not a strapless top – very much has thin straps hidden by all that hair. You can see glimpses of strap in pics 2, 3 and 4. Doesn’t make it work – if it wasn’t shaped like a bra, maybe it would have worked more with the skirt. My investigative work is done for today, going back to snooze town.

  10. It looks like a bra . Period. These kinda choli/ bra tops look so attention seeking . And even the proportion with a lehenga seems so off .

  11. On anyone else who’s well endowed this would look vulgar , she looks nice but yes the top is too small and designed like a bra


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