1. Bland.
    Brain freeze with all bling/pinks/ boobs/mm/ajsk.
    This ain’t a wedding. This is an award show.

    Don’t the ultra rich get tired of all this gaudy display? Don’t they feel the need to be a recluse and get married in peace?even mere mortals so often get overwhelmed with the functions..the guests..the bling..Just imagine the onslaught of a Bollywoodized wedding…tackfest to the point of no return.

  2. It is as if MM ji is selling these lehengas by the dozen to Bollywood starlets in 50 shades of pink. I wish these girls could change it up and go for a black or navy colour.

  3. Just one thought comes to mind when you see these lehenga ladies – you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. No individuality in these appearances – zero personality. This did not merit a separate post in my opinion.

  4. This particular Pink Lehenga is really good ! much better than Janavhi’s one
    Also Kirti makes it look so well put together.
    Weddings are an occasion to celebrate ,eat and dance with your extended family and friends. Cant fathom why one would need to be a recluse on such an important day !!
    plenty of time after the celebrations

  5. Another one from Bollywood’s assembly line. All the new girls try and copy the same cleavage, small waist, pouty lips model. I used to think Alia looked fresh but off late she has decided that “main bhi deepika banna chahti hoon”

    No wonder women like Kangana are a breath of fresh air!

  6. It’s all merging into one blob. I can’t differentiate between them all. Even Kiran’s freaky navy velvet and gold outfit actually looks good now in hindsight.



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