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How many cutouts are too many? That was my first reaction seeing Ms. Sanon in this Lama Jouni dress, a dress that had its length and color right but for them cutouts.

Picture this dress as a simple off-shoulder one without any of the gaps and how much better this appearance would have been. Especially considering she finally got her shoe game right.

Kriti Sanon

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. (reposting without typos)
    Even without the cut outs this dress, the material and the cut outs look ultra cheap and tacky. Also, its established that you want to do a size 0 rain or shine, then why go for -1 sizing. Waaaaay to snug and not in a nice way. Plus her inner wear really needs some attention as the girls are reeeeeally trying hard to make a few “points” here, pun intended.

  2. All her clothes look straight out of Shein catalog. Problem is not the design alone it is also cheap material and quality that all her clothes have in common.

  3. Some of her recent choices have been very tacky – including this one. She’s fallen for the Bollywood ‘style’ guide and is projecting this sexy and sultry image which doesn’t quite fit her vibe and personality. A shame, really.

    • I think she is trying to promote her sexy image for her new movie – with Karthik Aryan – hence the dresses with multiple cut outs. Agree on the call outs that dresses look like out a Shein catalogue – cheap quality and this is not her vibe at all.

  4. SOMEONE PLEASE get this beautiful woman a proper stylist who puts her in elegant and stylish clothing instead of these tasking shein style dresses. It keeps getting worse and worse. How is Kriti saying yes to any of this?

    My goodness like who approves this?!

  5. Tackyness taken to another level.

    Why don’t we just add some cut outs on the sleeves and the waist and call it even?

    Getting too tired of her doing the same ol’

  6. Looks like there’s a competition amongst celebs as to who can wear outfits that have the ‘most’ cutouts. Kirti has joined the rat race.


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