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Wearing a lilac colored sheer dress by Deme, Kriti attended the Vogue Power List. If you can ignore the ill-fitted and poorly finished bust lining, she looked really good. But, the question is, are you able to ignore it?

Kriti Kharbanda

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. at least a Manish Malhotra has his embroidery. what exactly is this self-proclaimed designer’s saving grace? cheap synthetic fabric, terrible tailoring, zero novelty, less design input…. why do people wear her, even if she gives them stuff for free?

  2. The combination of the dress color with the shoe and lip color instantly reminded me of the scene from Kuch Kuch hota hai when Kajol walks in all mismatched in pink and orange… terrible combination..Wont even being to speak about the stitching, fit and fabric

  3. Rampal’s girlfriend really needs to lay off “designing” clothes. I’ve truly seen clothes with better fit and style at Kohls. Her products always look cheap, tacky and poorly constructed. Like others have said, this should not even be accepted for free. It’s almost embarrassing really.


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