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Kriti, Alaya and Malaika were spotted wearing brown pants on Wednesday evening with each finishing out their respective look quite differently. These shades of brown aren’t colors I am personally drawn to, but of the three, Kriti and Alaya wore their outfits well. As for Malaika, between the color of her pants and the latex feel, I was just not a fan of the pants themselves.

Left, Center, Kriti Kharbanda Alaya F at Gehraiyaan Screening
Right: Malaika Arora At Dinner

Left, Center, Kriti Kharbanda Alaya F at Gehraiyaan Screening
Right: Malaika Arora At Dinner

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh gosh! Which is the worst you mean? Kriti and Alaaya? look OK, Malaika has tried to match her pants to her foundation.
    I dont like these pants at all
    I know its supposed to be hi-fashion and all

  2. I like the first two looks. I personally like that shade of brown.
    Hate the latex look on Malaika. Looks like she can’t breathe in it. Heck I had to take deep breaths just looking at it. For what its worth she has a great body.
    On a side note, why is everyone wearing leather in Mumbai?

  3. Loly! Took until now for the Kardashians esp. Kim’s looks to penetrate our Bwood ladies. Ugh to say the least!
    I’ve noticed these people dress so nice and comfortable when they’re on vacation or outside India. Here, they do overcurated bad looks.

    • I was surprise of no mentioned of Kim Kardashian in any comment. There is God indeed hehe. Malaika is definitely channelling her inner Kim K.

  4. Malaika’s pants reminds me of Ross desperately trying to get back into his leather pants at a date.
    Its such an eye sore….I wonder how one could wear something like this…. literally and figuratively : )))))))))

  5. Malaika’s pants have a very slimy look like it’s a monster’s skin in a horror flick or something.. giving me the heebiejeebies


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