Doing Denim

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Wearing a blue Payal Khandwala shirt with denims, Konkona was spotted grabbing dinner with friends on Thursday evening. Feeling a sense of deja vu, it’s probably because of this. (She was in a Payal Khandwala shirt there too.)

Loving the combo? I did like it but I’d probably skip on the belt.

Konkona Sen Sharma

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  1. “déjà vu – the strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now….”

    déjà vu doesn’t imply similarity. The way the word is thrown around here is kinda silly. I know its a fashion blog and not an English language blog but still…

    • sorry to butt in, but one can get a sense of deja vu if she has sported a similar look before(literally transalated from french it does mean ‘already seen’) .. just saying

  2. Lol then why give an English lesson? I’m sure the word “deja vu” is being used to refer to having the feeling this has been done before. Similar, exact, whatever not really a big deal.


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