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Had we asked what Anna Wintour and Kiran Rao have in common, we are pretty sure you’d have been thrown for a loop! But now, you can say Prada! Didn’t we say never a dull moment with this one?!

It was a Prada Spring 10 coat that we spotted on Ms. Rao at the recent premiere. We love how she constantly mixes it up and keeps us on our toes.

Now, someone give her a magazine cover already!

P.S: More inside.

Left: Prada, Spring 2010
Center: Anna Wintour at Vionnet Celebrations, April 2010
Right: Kiran Rao at No One Killed Jessica Premiere

Kiran Rao at No One Killed Jessica Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayan, Style, Daylife


  1. isnt Anna Wintour supposed to be a fashionista (and a really catty one, at that?). Is it ok for me to say that i hate how she’s paired the coat with knee-high boots?! ewww…thought Meryl Streep was styled so well in the movie for a reason…clearly not!


  2. She is looking good. But if I did it, I would have buttoned it up (like the model) and worn black leggings. Would have highlighted the prints better.


  3. Arghh that coat is really ugly ! If we didn’t know it was a Dior I don’t think any one would like it! Her style is soo drabby! and just ’cause you wear a brand that doesn’t mean you suddenly have style.Some one who is Anna Wintour’s age would wear it. 60 plus . Some people might pull it off , but definitely not Kiran Rao may be Blake Lively!


    • i agree! i think kiran rao is plain drab and not kitschy or quirky or edgy, all she does is wear designer labels the worst way ever




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