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Giving us our second Anavila sighting of the night was Ms. Rao. The filmmaker wore hers with understated jewelry and a pop of berry lip. Not much to fault here; she looked good!

Kiran Rao In Anavila At MAMI 2015 Mumbai Film Festival Closing Ceremony

Kiran Rao At MAMI 2015 Closing Ceremony

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. For a change she looks nice. Now I wish she would grow some hair and sport feminine hairstyles. She is deliberately ruining her womanliness in the name of quirkiness.

    On another note:
    Anavila is rocking. Seeing lot of celebs wearing Anavila sarees is a good change that they are preferring hand-loom clothes, even though it is designer wear. If more and more celebs start wearing handwoven fabrics, they can influence the common people to start adopting and wearing hand-loom clothes. Which helps and boosts the hand-loom industry of India and the weavers and the master craftsmen who creates these. It leads to the preservation of our hand-loom heritage. If that happens, then it’s like my dream come true.

  2. I want to say this look is better than the faux saree she wore at the opening .. But why is it still not perfect?! its sloppy! For whatever reasons this saree doesn’t work for her! It’s a granny look. Looks not natural for kiran.

  3. Love the saree, she looks great but just for the heck of it imagine this on a woman with long open straight hair, a nice black bindi, kohl rimmed eyes and silver accessories..

  4. So much preconception and prejudice! How to expect men to understand, then? She looks so lovely here, perfectly feminine and pretty… Even without jewellery, bindi, kajal, etc. She’s not the ideal Bharatiya nari according to Bollywood, which makes her even more awesome, being married to quintessential hero and all.


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