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It was pantsuits for these ladies at the Times Power Woman Awards and while one had a lot of red, the others just a hint. While they all looked good in their pantsuits, I thought Hina’s pick seemed out of place for the event in question.

P.S. Kiara is wearing a red Prabal Gurung, Hina, a Ranbir Mukherjee shimmery one and Tahira is in one by Fempire by GG.

Kiara Advani in Prabal Gurung
Hina Khan in Ranbir Mukherjee
Tahira Kashyap in Fempire by GG

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Really there a actors think every event set for the shoot. They wear the most melodramatic version of the outfit even to such places. Its ironical that saree is not seen as Power dressing by these young actors.

  2. Hina is my favorite of all the 3 – The look was so well put together, with hair and makeup all in place.
    The huge bow on Kiara is throwing all proportions out and not in a good way.

  3. What in the world are Hina and Tahira wearing? Totally opposite, equally fugly.
    Kiara fares better in comparison, don’t get the bow though.

  4. Don’t love the proportions on Tahira. Kiara looks good but I wish the pants weren’t slouchy, but I guess that’s how they were on the model too. Hina’s just looks weird.

  5. I think with these folks, some drama is a given, a plain ol’ regular pantsuit wouldn’t make the cut. Which is probably why I am ok with the weird bow and the unwanted fringe on Kiara and Tahira’s suits. I however, refuse to get on board with the ‘blazer on bra’ look sported by Ms. Khan. Bleurgh!

  6. Lest people get carried away, let’s get this straight. This award does not really mean anything substantive so these dramatic, off-note, outfits are quite suitable, pun intended.

    On a related note, I find it ironic that on a night meant to celebrate women who walk to their own tune, Hina would cower to the male gaze and wear a revealing outfit.

  7. None. All this seems like role play.
    Some of the most powerful women in India go about their work quietly, and I doubt they always stand with their legs so far apart and arms akimbo.

    • I just do not get this type of comment. These are people who are in show biz! Why do you expect them to stand/pose/dress like “the most powerful women in India who go about their work quietly”? (whoever you may think these women are)

      It’s so out of context. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

  8. If Hina reigned it in just a little bit….either with the make up or the body spray or the pose …she’d look fabulous. I think she makes interesting choices but tries too hard to look a certain way, which kills the vibe.


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