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For a recent appearance of hers, Kiara picked a sparkly dress by Nicolas Jebran to wear. Center-parted wavy hair, dramatic eye make-up and Christian Louboutin pumps rounded out her look. Is it just me or was the vibe very Kim K (and not quite Cher)? Think she makes the look work?

Kiara Advani At Global Spa Awards

Kiara Advani At Global Spa Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. it is very Kim K, she does look nice but the eyebrows need sorting out, they look very drawn on. Bet she had a twist in her neck giving that pose!

  2. Awful eye make-up, awful hair and what the deal with the shoulder pads? She doesn’t look like herself. The only thing I like about this look, is the shoes!

  3. It’s the terrible wig/extensions + the cleavage coupled with leg show + the butt stuck out pose
    Doesn’t look good on Kim. Certainly doesn’t look good on Kiara

  4. This look is confusing!! It’s neither effortlessly sexy nor polished sexy. The hair, the leg thrust, the neck lifts are too awkward. Those shoulder pads are an overkill too.

  5. Chest thrust, Check
    Leg thrust, Check
    Butt thrust, Check
    Neck tilt, Check
    Honestly, the makeup and hair are just the icing on a very off putting cake.


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