A Separate(s) Story

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At her birthday do, Kiara was photographed in slinky white separates that she teamed with a Chanel bag and Louboutin pumps. The separates weren’t much to write home about but that bag, oh boy! Wasn’t a fan to put it mildly.

Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Its innerwear really. That skirt looks more like the underskirt slip worn inside the real skirt. And that bag looks pretty ridiculous hung up there.

  2. It looks like she is wearing Petticot and blouse and forgot to put saree on 😛

    There are definitely better dresses to wear on Birthdays let’s put this way !

  3. Not a fan of that in-your-face bag but I chalk it to personal preference. To her credit, she kept the rest of the look simple with monochrome, natural makeup and no other accessories, which keeps it from being jarring or too KarJenner-esque. She makes it work for her.

  4. What is this??!! That bag is not even in the top 5 of her problems. It looks like she wore the foundation garments to go under a slinky gown and forgot to wear the slinky gown! And the nude pumps with all tht …. shudder!! The only explanation in my head for this is – she lost a bet to someone and had to wear this!

  5. This dress is just an accident waiting to happen.

    All women love dressing up for their birthday, but normal women choose clothes they can pass out in. Just saying!

  6. Uggh
    What is up with these starlets and satin bralets. Udderly dislike 🙁
    As for the purse, I bet Medela sponsored part of the bday celebrations!

  7. Why do these beautiful women think they need to make a statement by wearing ridiculous things? I am sure the conversation went, “ you just had a big hit movie, everyone has their eyes on you- so try and look vogue”. Cut to her wearing Innerwear as outerwear

  8. Is she taking birthday gift cheques in that bag??
    Who carries a bag on their birthday party.
    So this look is all about – see I am so poor I have no money to buy a saree over my blouse and petticoat. So give me money!!

  9. Attention seeking outfit.
    Its nothing but a petticoat and a blouse being passed off as designer outfit. Hate the fanny pack draped across her chest.

  10. This girl is handsdown gorgeous and can look hot in any dress she wears, but lets put this as it is without any sugar coats- this is lingerie. Should not be worn outside and definitely not for someone’s own birthday celebrations! Wtheyy moment


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