The High Waisted-High Fashion Face Off

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To us, Jasmine Dawda is the clear winner. What do you think?

Jasmine Dawda
Vidya Malwade

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  1. I like it how both are holding the same color, but two very different objects in their hands 🙂
    Anyways- Jasmine is the better of the two, and ewww for the top Vidya is wearing.

  2. i really like Jasmine’s look. She has the figure for the high waisted pant and she looks very stylish IMO. Vidya– dont like the bag, belt and top.

  3. Doesn’t Vidya’s pose remind u of a certain someone?? Though I do believe Vidya’s pose might hv been accidental, very unlike Ms Verma’s ofcourse!

  4. certainly that blue top looks a lot stylish n sexier than what vidya’s wearing. and isn’t vidya’s pants bit too long, they seem to be completely touching the floor.

    but i give vidya points for experimenting.


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