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While in Mumbai to promote her latest movie, Keerthy was photographed in a Sawan Gandhi chikan sari. With flowers in her hair, she rounded out the look with silver jewelry. Perhaps the choice of sari was keeping in mind the audience/region but I really do hope Ms. Suresh serves up something different than the usual slinky saris we’ve come to expect on this promo tour!

Earlier, she was photographed as she was leaving the airport dressed in a simple suit. She looked lovely. Find images of that sighting inside.

Keerthy Suresh At Dasara Promotions

Keerthy Suresh At The Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Not sure if traditional chikankari sarees can be termed slinky + there is no one boob drape + no waist show — why naming it as slinky?

  2. That’s a lot of make up! But I did a double take on this post because the sari had actually been draped like one! Unbelievable 🙂 like the simplicity of both the sari and suit.

  3. ‘ Ms. Suresh serves up something different than the usual slinky saris we’ve come to expect on this promo tour!’

    I went through hhc but didn’t find any posts from this promo tour.. i then went to keethys insta to check but didn’t find any ‘slinky saris’ .. No idea what are P&P referring to with such harsh words

    This is a beautiful saree and worn with elegance

    I would love to see you use ‘slinky’ on the next bra blouse bridge post .. but alas you won’t.

  4. She looks nice in the saree look.

    The makeup looks a tad too OTT both times.

    Nothing great about the salwar look, just regular one you’d get in any good shop.

  5. Keerthy always looks dignified and lovely and the slinky saree comment is bit unfair (there are a few more in promotions, a black saree etc. Mostly one colour overall. She looks fine).

    Keerthy herself is a “star kid”. RRR iis also a”star kid” vehicle. Might help to look up South stars. In fact Rana Daggubati had a good interview on growing up in a film family and why they end up in the film business.

    Forget films, people will be surprised at how much family connections determine your future in many occupations. No point in hating on star kids alone.

    • I should’ve worded my post better, that’s on me. As an entirely unrelated thought, I meant that on her promo tour, I hope she serves us something different than the slinky saris which we’ve come to accept from (most if not all) actors’ appearances off late. Hence also the reference to the city she was in. Like I said, this is on me! 🙂


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