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Keerthy opted for a traditional look at the audio release of Mahanati wearing a cream Kanchi silk by Gaurang with a bright red blouse. I love the sari but between the big earrings, choker, glossy red lips and bindi, I feel like one element should’ve been skipped. Perhaps the earrings could’ve been swapped for a smaller pair. What say you?

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  1. P & P – Not everyone in the world has a minimalist style. ‘one element should have been skipped’
    People Like wearing the full Set -Earrings and Necklace..Thats how traditional jewellery has always been worn.
    I see no reason for her to go cookie cutter minimalist style !
    Change your perception not her style

    • I agree with you 100% that not everyone has a minimalist style. Like Rekha doesn’t and we don’t ask that of her or expect her to change it anytime soon. Wouldn’t even want her to!
      But, Keerthy has shown with her multiple styled appearances that she likes to mix it up and has done both minimalist and traditonal. So I think it is fair game to provide feedback based on that. :)

      • I think she was trying to emulate the fashion look during the times of Savithiri on whom the movie is based. The bold eye, lip as well reflect that.

        • Exactly! This minimalist style theory can be applied on actors overdressed for almost all occasions, eg sonam while receiving national award.

      • Payal, Look at the pictures again. The gorgeous saree, blouse, jewellery and makeup all come together to create this look. Nothing is overtaking the other elements. And most of all, none of the elements are overtaking her. What I see is the person. She is comfortable, happy, and glowing. That’s what dressing should be about.

        Regarding style rules….. Who makes up these style rules anyway? It is the underlying message that is important.

        I like the comments in this post. Reminds all of what is important. You included.

  2. I think she still manages to make it work. Since the saree does not have too many details on it, the jewellery and makeup doesn’t look too busy.

  3. She looks beautiful!

    On a different note,Somehow this look reminded me of Sridevi and made me so sad ..This space never seemed same without her.

  4. I think u have compartmentalized fashion. Not every style needs to be minimal. How many millions of runway fashions are presented OTT. It’s what strikes the eye and what’s comfortable. Just like there is no rule book for art there isn’t one for fashion. I had to say this because I’ve see.n u say”if I had to nitpick” or “too many clashing elements”. It’s one thing to comment on fashion however it’s a whole another ball game to say this should be like this or like that. I know u may not print this however I want u to read this and think.

      • I agree with Thapsi on this one. Keerthy looks soo lovely and I would not change a single thing about this look. Also, please keep in mind that she is playing an yesteryear actress and is in sync with the look from 60’s. Please refer to how the women in 60’s dressed for events like this. This look is so on point without being overwhelming.

        Payal if I have to nitpick, I would say you should tone down on the nitpicking. Just saying ;)

  5. totally with P&P on this. all the jewellery here would’ve been ok at a wedding (aka peakdressup) but at a music launch it IS OTT. A heavier bangle would’ve balanced out the necklace and smaller earrings. All of you jumping down their throat, it’s their JOB to critique! And while you’re quite within your rights not to agree, don’t hassle them for having an opinion or providing suggestions ;)

    • The very post asked for all our opinions. PnP dont appear to take themselves seriously at all. We all have to calm down on our attacks.

  6. I agree with Payal here. I first saw the picture and then the moderator comments. The earrings are indeed too big and i find that them distracting.

  7. Payal, this is an in-character appearance – Kirti is playing yesteryear star Savithri, (the movie is her biopic), hence the appearance.

  8. This is how women dressed before the advent of stylists, “looks” , “fashionistas etc. It looks absolutely fine- like someone has commented jewellery is worn in complete sets

    • Yes agree with Shreya ..Thats how jewellery has been worn in India full earrings and necklace together,and since she is going for the traditional look its on point ! I don’t understand at all why wear traditional and then minimalize it

  9. For the earrings to work, the necklace should be a bit longer. Since the Saree is plain, it could have handled a longer neckpiece.

    Also – do the earrings also have the green beads same as the necklace? I cant figure out from these pics.

  10. lovedd it, dont know who she is but looks soo beautiful. i do wonder in these traditional blouses(i love), are the long sleeves so tight as they seem? since they go till elbow..

  11. She might be channeling Savithri and a more retro style to go with the occasion…I am really looking forward to this movie and Keerthy in the retro style outfits !

  12. Both P and p should give it a rest. This is movie promotion and she is in character here. Payal don’t compare anyone and everyone in kanjeevarams to Rekha, she is a diva in her own style and heavy kanjis her trade mark. You both have some favorites, and suck up to them all the time while putting others down. I am not nit picking. Stating the facts. You should take some fashion courses before you call yourselves fashion critics.

  13. Yea Keerthy looks fine but how are you guys not covering Vijay Devarakonda?!! He looked like a bazillion bucks!! (Duh!)

  14. She looks beautiful. Yes, there is a lot going on with the jewelry, but she carries it off very gracefully. Love the look.

  15. Wow, I don’t know who this actress is (will definitely check out her work from now on), but she is so beautiful! Such an old world charm. I think she makes the whole saree + jewellery + makeup work.

  16. Unfortunately, Keerthy gets trolled down a lot down South for her appearance, but this look of hers would put all her haters to burn. She is simply beautiful here, I guess playing Savithri really makes you shine.

  17. When you look at the pictures it might all look too much..but please watch her speech at the Mahanati Audio Launch..she was so graceful and carried off the whole look to perfection..

  18. I don’t get why everyone is getting all antsy. This is P&P’s blog and their opinion. We don’t have to agree with them and a lot of times I don’t but they should be allowed to have their opinion. P&P is not going to change my mind if I think something works or something doesn’t. Just enjoy the difference of opinion folks and not try to censure someone’s opinion because it doesn’t match yours.

    • Well Sabita
      since you noticed and used it and so did everyone on the website . I am referring to the ‘comments’ section which is there for a reason. to encourage people to interact, post opinions etc which is exactly what the ladies above have been doing.
      everyone can have an opinion and thats what is being put across need to defend anyone here


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