Pretty In Pink?

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While Katrina herself looks pretty, this Tarun Tahiliani sari isn’t something that floats our boat. The blingy blouse and the filmi draping get a ‘Nay’ from us.


Katrina Kaif At Mukta Arts Anniversary Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think I am equally as fed up of Kat as I am of PC. While PC can’t get any of her outfits right both her and Kat can never properly drape a sari and maintain its true beauty. Why don’t these women understand there is a reason the sari has been draped a certain way for decades now and it has been appreciated the world over for it’s sensual look. This recent supposed in-method for NOT properly draping the sari on the other hand is just tacky and quite irritating. And above all it makes the wearer look like one with absolutely no class.

  2. Okay why are these celebs hell bent on showing their chests while wearing a sari?? Okay we get it. You DO have boobs! We dont need proof LOL

    *Hoping for comment approval* lol

  3. in terms of fashion – it maybe tagged as ‘wrong’ or ‘what were you thinking’ lol

    but honestly speaking – i think she carried the whole look quite charmingly and she looks extremely beautiful..

    katrina is one celeb who never went with latest trends or followed fashion do’s and don’ts and i admire her for that… she dress appropiately and manages to look exquisite everytime…..and that should be appreciated…….

  4. EWWWWW!!! Its more like see whats under the drape!!! i totally hate the concept of showing off the blouse and putting the palo under the chest!!! that blouse is ewww tooo its WTHeyyy for me

  5. neck up -awesome
    neck down – disaster

    The saree is nice …….. but alas! the draping and the blouse just wanna make me run away from this one!

  6. I actually don’t mind the draping that much here.. at least there is some sort of method or style to it, you can tell it’s done on purpose as opposed to when they usually just drape it in between or w.e.

  7. he..he..This is so hilarious. Sari in an evening gown style. Did she forget to look in the mirror before stepping out? And y everything is pink ( except for her mobile)?

  8. This is such a disaster!!
    Why cant they just wear lehengas and cholis instead of ruining a sari like this to show whatever they want to show!!

    I actually agree with pdaervo here.. I have rarely found Katrina work a Sari..

  9. i love the color but whats wrong with the blouse.. i hate these bikini blouses and that too trashy ones that these girls where.. even aishwariya wore one in shabd with a chiffon saaree.. now that looked real hot on her plus non trashy… didnt even look like a specific designer saaree.. but something probably her stylist thought up of..


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