Wearing It Again.

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Even though the back of this Jenny Packham gown has an interesting tie-up detail (see inside), it is just too much satin in too much red for me. Didn’t like it the first time around, don’t like it the second time around either (although her makeup was better the first time). What say you?

Thanks ‘ariel001’ and ‘Hayley’ for the label spotting the first time around.


Katrina Kaif
Left: at GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Sep 2009
Right: at Star Screen Awards, Jan 2009


Left: at GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Sep 2009
Right: at Star Screen Awards, Jan 2009


at GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Sep 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i find katrina really really beatiful
    she has such gorgeous features and beautiful hair.. i’m not much of a red-dress fan but i find her lovely in it in both occasions… god she’s just so beautiful!

  2. i love it!!1
    she oozes with sexiness!!
    she always looks sooo….hot!!!
    nice going!!!
    love the wavy hair….such a difference from the usual straight as a needle hair seen! or the over the top curly..


  3. um…I don’t find her sexy, and this dress (although Packham has some awesome stuff) looks like it was bought in Fredericks of Hollywood. She has a baby-face. This tacky. Also, she needs a studier material to really flatter her shape.

  4. She looks good with and without the tan! I really don’t get why she doesn’t get a lot of hate for her attire though.. I think this is just so .. tacky because it’s a little too attention grabbing and shiny.

  5. I don’t like the dress, the colour or satin, but she looks good and its almost apt for the occassion, better than a movie awards anyway.

    She looks almost identical in both events, just slight tan.

  6. Dear HHC team…

    As much as i appreciate fashion , I dont see a reason why one should not repeat their clothes… (even a celebrity)…with all the global warming and increase carbon footprint….I’d rather they wear it again and again….. 🙂 ….

  7. OMG!
    This dress is the same one worn by Caterina Murino in Casino Royale! I LOVED this dress on her in the movie.. only she wore a more mellow colour – a peach/mango shade (which looked more classy).
    I do like the style… but this colour is just too ‘in your face’.


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