In Dolce & Gabbana

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We already saw a close-up of Katrina in this purple animal print Dolce gown. Now that we have a full-length of her, what say you about her look?


Katrina Kaif at Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards 2012

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. Love it! The colour is great on her. Its a different look than her usual self. The dress fits her like a glove. Also the length of the dress is great else always her dresses cut off just above her shoes.
    The hair do is a refreshing change but still not that great.

  2. She is always beautiful. I think the dress works on her too. She has a teeny tiny waist. However, I am not sure the hair do works on her.

  3. I think her hair is too long and she has a long-ish face so the proportion is a bitt off. If her hair was slightly shorter she’d look more youthful.

  4. I like the gown but I don’t like her hairstyle. She has too long a face for that hairdo and it’s just making her face abnormally long. Simple straight hair would look nice.

  5. She is getting old, we have seen her for a long time and she basically has a bland personality. No amount of hair and make up will change that. She is the perfect Bolly diva, with her perpetual pretty gori barbie look. Never found her interesting. Do you think barbie can be edgy?


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