Fab Or Drab?

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Like we’ve always said, we love a star sporting Indian-wear however, am just not feelin’ this ombre anarkali on Katrina! To me this outfit is just a tad filmy!


Katrina Kaif At An Event To Meet Her Fans

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Looking very elegant and nice, this is a Tarun Tahiliani outfit.
    Love the colors!
    I saw a close up of the accessories on another website, the footwear and watch..was fun to see them up close.

  2. She looks wonderful but that doesn’t take away much from the fact that this outfit, the predictable, ghastly, awful design and the fall and textile, is cliche and poor craftsmanship.

    T.T is good, but his outfit is by no means high fashion.

  3. i think the skirt part could have been nicer, maybe its the silk that i’m not liking, chiffon or georgette would have made it more light.
    On the fence with this, she’s a star so gets away with it specially as its a “meet and greet” event, I think people want to see their stars as “filmy” not “ordinary gal off the street!”.

  4. I think it’s fitting for the occasion though..she’s dressed as Katrina the star to meet her fans. I like the colour and the ombre effect.. not the material so much but its cool.

  5. she is a film star so….umm i think it works. and it’s a nice dress, after all, culturallly across centuries indian clothing has been known for intricate embroidery an beading work. i think it’s lovely to celebrate something of our own for a change, instead of label dropping european brands.

  6. hmmm i lykd d outfit on her. a change in sleeve also lookd good, they r always spotted in sleeveless outfits, dis one looks gud 4a change =)


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