In Sabyasachi


Wearing Sabyasachi to SRK’s Diwali party were Katrina and Ananya, with Katrina wearing a black sari and Ananya a lehenga that we had seen on Kangana on Vogue’s wedding edition.

The one time I really really like Katrina in something and we don’t have a full-length. Go figure.

Katrina Kaif

Ananya Panday


  1. Gosh ! She has draped the saree pallu so weirdly ! What for ? So we can admire her sexy celavage. Give us a break ! It looks downright vulgar.

  2. in fact Kat looks bad here..the blouse is unflattering- and the band-like tie in mid-riff is SO tacky. she wud shine in a normal (real) black sari. Ananya wins this

  3. Where is the saree and what’s to like? Katrina has the knack of making anything look cheap and soulless. That’s huge talent now.

  4. I completely agree, unfortunately the cleavage is too in your face. But I don’t blame the wearer here: the sari is quite plain with the emphasis appearing to be focused on the blouse, so with a blouse design like this what should one do? Cover it up? The same is true for Ananya’s blouse, it’s very deeply cut leaving little to the imagination. This is the brand that allegedly “designs for the wedding and not for the one night stand”… not sure we’re seeing evidence of that here.

    • The celebs, designers and stylists are trying too hard in a rebellious way to show the boobs as primary focal point…. everywhere in festivals, weddings, award shows, movies and all.

  5. On Katrina all I see is a black scarf wrapped awkwardly around her waist and one shoulder, a black petti-coat and a blouse that does her bust no favors because it is so tight to hold her flattened puppies in. The other outfit is in a non dreary color and that is all I can say about it.

  6. Katrina is sooooooo soooooooo soooooooo boring
    I yawn every time I look at her
    She and Aish has the same old styling hair and makeup … nth new …. nth great !!!!!!
    The blouse suxxxxxxxx I don’t mind showing cleavage but this is way tooooo bad … how the hell cud someone dance or even bend in this blouse

    I can’t even make out that’s kangnaaaaaa major photoshopped I guess



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