Sangeet Style: A Sibling Edition

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Manish Malhotra’s niece Riddhi (and Punit’s sister) had her sangeet ceremony today in Mumbai that saw many of the designer’s friends in attendance wearing creations by him.

The Kapoor sisters, being long time fans, also wore his designs with Karisma opting for a white long suit and Kareena, a pink lehenga. The multiple panels on Karisma’s kurta felt quite busy and given the high neckline, the red lips felt jarring against the collar.

Kareena fared much better here in her lehenga.

Which sister’s look did you like more?


Karisma Kapoor at Rddhi Malhotra Tejas Talwalkar Sangeet Ceremony


Kareena Kapoor at Rddhi Malhotra Tejas Talwalkar Sangeet Ceremony

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I agree! Karishma’s suit just didnt complement her, with the huge red border at the bottom, to the wide red collar. Her face looks oddly with that width of a collar.

    Kareena looks lovely!! In fact from all the celebs attending the Riddhi/Tejas wedding (from pics seen so far!), she seems to be the only celeb whose hair, makeup, outfit is all together fab!

  2. I think Karisma Kapoor kind of saved this wedding, everybody else turned up looking like Christmas Trees. Bebo’s makeup is fresh but her lehenga is ugly!

  3. I agree with whoever said Kareena’s outfit looks very item numberish. I particularly don’t like her lehenga at all. It looks like its made from a glossy curtain. Yikes! Her chunari is pretty and that colour could have been used to make a soft coloured pretty lehenga.

    Karishma, in my opinion, looks ethereal. I LOVE her dress. The colours white & red have been used very unusually and beautifully and somehow, her dress still seems subtle to me and her overall look bold. I love the waist pattern on her dress. Looks like a beautiful belt out there. The red collar could have been eliminated, yes.. but she still looks good !

  4. Thank you everyone who said Lolo aka Karisma Kapoor looked better. In fact there is no comparison between both the sisters, at least about the dresses they wore on this particular occasion. I absolutely loved Karisma Kapoor, she stole the show.


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