In Good Earth Couture

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It was a Good Earth Couture sari for Karisma while at a wedding earlier today. The color palette and the styling is just as we’ve come to expect from her… No, it’s not a bad thing. She looked elegant.

Karisma Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Amidst a sea of tacky, blingy outfits and actors dressed like they are about to break into a stage performance, she is a breath of fresh air. Reminds me of her styling in Zubeida.

  2. A relief to the eyes. Thank you Karisma. Why can’t this remainder of the Bollywood tack brigade wear sarees or suits to other people’s weddings. Its almost a race to wear the most OTT and voluminous lehengas. Tone it down y’all.

  3. The write up sorry falls short. U write it like it’s a bad thing she always always turns up event appropriate in colour that’s in style and pleasing.
    Not only is she looking elegant but this is how you go to someone elses wedding. She is looking absolutely lovely . Very graceful and modern

  4. Karisma almost always gets it right…classic and regal and timeless. Kareena on the other hand is a whole different story. These sisters don’t talk much eh?

  5. Looks gorgeous
    I think it’s safe to say I prefer South India weddings to these Bollywood wedding fashion parade.
    South India weddings have bling as well but they stick to their Silk sarees and gold jewellery and less revealing clothes.It’s atleast colorful
    All I see here (atleast at the Ambani wedding) is beige and bling (except a few like Mrs Tendulkar,Dia etc)…seems like the base material could be anything in any color even beige , but just cover it with all kinds of bling available.


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