In Sidharta Aryan


Giving us our second sighting of a Sidharta Aryan shirt was Karisma.

The neon ombré shirt isn’t one we’d expect from her but she stayed within her safe zone and made the look ‘hers’ by finishing out the look with black pants. The earrings, while interesting, didn’t quite add much to the look.

You like?


Left: Sidharta Aryan, Winter/Festive 2013
Right: Karisma Kapoor at Bal Disha Art Exhibition

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. First up, albeit a little late, congrats on the new design. I must be one of the few who love the change. And I love the new tone of the website where you are not all PC and are critiquing quite a bit.
    As for karisma’s look, she’s making it work but a skirt (like the runway look) would break all that black that’s happening waist down. And also she should have stood in front of a different painting–like in pic 2–with that colourful shirt!


  2. Dislike the shirt. But I agree with the others, it would have looked better with a skirt. She looks kind of matronly with those pants.
    I think Karisma needs to sex it up a bit. She always looks so well put together..almost too put together. Not a hair out of place. Its not a bad thing i suppose, but it sure would be fun to see her let loose a little.




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