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True to her minimalist approach, Karisma kept it simple by pairing a pencil skirt with a color-block top while at a recent event. With her hair in a ponytail, she finished out the look with heavy eye make-up, matching peach-tone lip, Hermès clutch and a pair of pumps.

Minus the puffiness of the top, Ms. Kapoor looked good.

Additional pictures inside.

Karisma Kapoor At Playwin Lottery Event-2

Karisma Kapoor At Playwin Lottery Event

Karisma Kapoor At Playwin Lottery Event-1

Karisma Kapoor At Playwin Lottery Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Neat, simple and chic. She looks very relaxed and smart. 10/10 for the shoes. Good choice. I agree about the shirt. She should have taken care of the “puffiness” before stepping out of the car. But never mind she still looks gorgeous.


  2. ermegawwwwshhhhhhh sooooo pretttyyyyyyyyyyyy she is <3!

    p.s. this blog is about clothes, people, bitching, tadka etc. can all the HUMANS (who are anyway not being discussed here) please keep their self righteous indignation to themselves? fashion is for us emotion less, unconcerned with personality, super closetted folk who dont depend on a real society for inspiration, or heck, survival. so we be like this. everyone please take a chill pill and let us do our thing. murp.




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