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Karisma shared a pic of herself on social media on Sunday and was spotted wearing a Zara t-shirt with hoops and a braid.

Like the tee?

Karisma Kapoor in Zara

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is so sad…there are so many celebs out there who can be featured here but you girls post a pic of a has been actress/socialite who is wearing a basic tee. Guess it pays to be part of the KJo coterie.

  2. I do not like these bangle earrings that she sports, very early ninetess Raveena Tandon/ senorita vibe. It singularly makes the overall look very tacky.
    The bollywood wives on the fabulous lives series wear these awful blingy bangle earrings in every scene that brings down every single one of their looks and takes it to the tacky-max zone. I hope this trend is not here to stay but is a short phase that ends soon!

  3. Zara has lied and lied about their clothes being manufactured by Uyghur’s forced into detention camps in China…..I will never again support them.

    • @Gem
      Sadly when have celebs EVER cared about a cause…. sure right before their movie/show is about to release they will pick the most happening one for a couple weeks. When the cash registers stop ringing their cause will fly out the window :))

      Yeah I have read some really poor things about Zara as well


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