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Karisma attended a corporate event back in February wearing an Amit Aggarwal gown. Hair in a side-parted ponytail, she finished out her look with black ankle-strap sandals.

She looked great!

Karisma Kapoor

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  1. Don’t like the metallic looking jacket (if it’s that) one bit, the dress under it looks classic and would have stood better, she looks fine. Not sure about the hairstyle, makes her face look larger.

  2. For someone who is only active on social media and not career wise, Ms. Kapoor sure gets around. Wonder what value she adds at a corporate event.

    And the outfit looks like a total rip off.

  3. Dear Paddy i don’t think you realise that Karisma has been a super successful actress and has a huge fan following ! She adds a lot of value at events as she is a big star and people enjoy seeing her fashion choices besides she orates really well. She has also recently acted in an acclaimed web show Mentalhood in which the audience has loved her performance. Hope you get it now !


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