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Wearing custom Manish Malhotra to Shah Rukh Khan’s Diwali party were Karisma and Shilpa. Between the two, loved Karisma in her sari instantly. As for Shilpa, can’t say I liked the sharara itself.

On an aside, I was a bit amused by the fact that they called it a sharara sari. :P

Karisma Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty

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  1. I actually prefer the experimental sharara sari even though I wish the pants were skinnier at the bottom or it didn’t have the horizontal lining. The blue sari and the look is pretty dated. It seems like one of the chopra movies with Karishma, shahruk n madhuri. On a side note I wish Shilpa didn’t have that neckpiece.

  2. Karishma’s sari is nothing much to write home about. MM has been doing this for millions of years, so much so that you cannot pass a Meena Bazaar that does not do a version of this sari in every color possible. Shilpa has the most amazing body and can make a sack look good, however, I would have liked the sharara better if she was wearing a short kurta and considering the is MM creation, i would even accept a transparent one. I can’t quite stomach the crop top.

  3. I love fashion as much as anyone else on this blog but ffs, these people are wearing haute couture to a house party. It feels like the 1920s before the world went to shit and the pitchforks (rightly) came out.

  4. Between the two Shilpa fares slightly better than Karisma however Manish leaves alot to be desired in his designs. I wonder how he is able to get all these stars to wear his outfits. They are too filmy for my taste.

  5. Not liking any
    Lolo looks like she jumped off the screen from one of her old movies … so dated
    And Shilpa sighhhhh is she can’t carry sharara saree then who cud … baddddddd hate it


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