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Thought you made it though one more day without a tie-dye sighting? Not. So. Fast.

Teaming their activewear with comfy shoes, all of these ladies stepped out in Mumbai recently. We’ll be the first to admit, Karishma’s pants gave us a pause, and not for the best reason either. The slit is just so random!

P.S: Karishma and Maheep are wearing Amaeera and Vannia.

L To R: Karishma Tanna, Neha Dhupia Maheep Kapoor And Ananya Panday

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. We’re witnessing peak nauseating level conformity. And it’d be a lie to say Bollywood is alone in this.

    Conformity in fashion trends isn’t anything new. But with the advent of social media, the speed with which we’re conforming is mind-boggling.

    And not just with fashion, but with everything, right down to the how we decorate our homes (can’t stand those floor mirrors & off-white shaggy rugs).

    Ps- sorry for being off topic. I understand if you won’t post my comment.

    • I was watching DDLJ the other day… one of those afternoons… and it struck me – Kajol’s “look” in th movie – so honest, so real… her hair wasnt blow dried, her face hadn’t be whitened and she didn’t fit into a cookie cutter mould. When did all of that change? When did originality and simplicity become bad?

    • Omg! You spoke my mind. Gold Anthropology floor mirror, shag rug, hotel style white bedroom decor, the same spanx leather leggings, the same barefoot dreams sweater .. every blogger, celebrity, person of interest has some or all of them! The individuality is almost gone!

  2. Looks like bird poop. Pp, for every such lazy crappy style post, please showcase something aspirational. Can’t believe whole of India is walking around covered in birdshit like this. Dancers, singers, artists, politicians, theater actors, anyone …. anyone !!!


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