Served Up Two Ways

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While Karishma wore it as a top, Kate wore this lattice-neck piece as a dress at an event past weekend. Which look do you prefer more?

P.S. Kate is wearing Stella McCartney Mesh Sandals seen on the Spring 2009 runway.


Left: Kate Walsh at Oceana’s SeaChange Summer Party
Right: Karishma Kapoor at Evolve Spa Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Wireimage

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  1. I don’t think they are wearing the same item, though granted that they are very similar. Karishma’s is a top. It cannot be worn as a dress, especially considering that she is shorter than many women, so the length of the top will be even shorter on most women than on karishma.

    that said, i like neither version.

  2. karishma looks stunning
    do not like the shoes though…the shoes and ear rings go hand in hand and the top and jeans are a pair…the dress is amazing..should have changed the shoes

  3. Do the designers sell such variations (as top and dress) or do our people take a dress and alter it and make it a top? How does it work? I see that several times the same thing appears as an altered version on someone else.

  4. Never heard of Karisma whoever the heck she is.

    Kate Walsh for sure. She’s gorgeous. And it has to be a dress cos Kate is like 5’10 plus heels.


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