An Almost Ditto.

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While we liked Kareena’s fitted version of this Roberto Cavalli print better than Simone’s, can’t believe that an otherwise ok dresser like Simone committed a basic fashion infraction, wearing pantyhose with open-toe shoes.

Coming back to the dress, which version do you prefer? Kareena’s or Simone’s?


Left: Kareena Kapoor at Vocational Excellence Awards
Right: Simone Khan at HDIL Couture Week Closing Night

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, IndiaGlitz

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  1. It’s Simone Khan – not Suzanne Khan. You guys got it right in one place but it says Suzanne in 2 other spots.

    I prefer Kareena’s dress.. It fits her very well.

  2. Kareena!!! She looks good…and I want that dress omg someone ID it please lol.

    I love kareena’s shoes also. All in all kareena looks pretty good.

  3. Actually… to be honest… its no longer a faux pas to wear “pantyhose” with open sandals.. its quite an accepted trend these days.. FYI:)

  4. Obvs Kareena, hopefully and probably a universal agreement. Btw, pantyhose with peeptoes a faux pas as well? Almost did it this weekend but then got scared.

  5. Kareena hands down. She’s flying in that dress. Simone’s pantyhose was unnecessary! Specially in Indian weather…yah, c’mon…doesn’t weather got anything to do with how people dress in Mumbai?

  6. I like both dresses and both looks. And about the whole panty-hose/tights and open toe shoes controversy, I’ve read in so many magazines that that is a cool thing to do now. Maybe it’s just the Canadian fashion magazines saying that though. We like to make up trends that suit our unpredictable weather!
    I mean why do you think things like touqes are having such a resurgance? Or is that only in Canada as well? :S


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