Shimmer And Shine?

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Wearing a Ports 1961 gown, Kareena attended the launch of an icecream brand in Delhi today. The look immediately gave us a sense of déjà vu but if we closely compared the two, besides the shimmer and the Saint Laurent sandals, they were styled rather differently.

I may not be a fan of the v-neckline, but between the two, liked overall styling of this appearance more. What about you?


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Kareena Kapoor at Magnum Icecream Launch In Delhi

Photo Credit: APH Images

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  1. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the look but both the dress and the hair is really aging. I would prefer her to do slightly more youthful looks.

    I feel like this should be on Helen Mirren or someone like that.

  2. Am glad she did not wear some excessive elaborate earrings. Everyone seems to be sporting big earrings these days, irrespective of what they are wearing. I am liking the simple styling and makeup, letting the gown shimmer!

  3. I don’t find this aging at all. She looks very much in her mid 30s. Though, I do agree that a gown seems a bit OTT for an ice-cream launch.
    Also, I don’t understand what’s wrong with the neckline?

  4. As others said, the gown doesn’t seem event appropriate. But what bothers me more than the dress is her parted lip expression in every picture (except the first) – a rather desperate attempt at appearing sexy.

  5. The brand might be major for India, hence the sequined gown. But I love the look she’s projecting, very old school and an ethereal glam… Love it!!

    • Unfortunately, this is a typical result of the laziness of the Indian advertising/ brand management industry – hire a Bolly celeb for big bucks, put them in designer duds and voila, you have a campaign.

  6. She looks great and I love the styling on this one. but Ia gree with the above post – she went all out like this, for an ice cream launch – Magnum !!

    She needs to save this for an awards function.


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