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Kareena went with another Manish Malhotra sari (no surprise there!) for the 2009 Filmfare awards. She wore a blouse that tied at the back, which beau Saif helped adjust (see inside) while on the red carpet.. Awwwww.

Even though the style of the sari was nothing new, Kareena still looked gorgeous.

Catch her here at last years Filmfare Awards in yet another MM creation.


Kareena Kapoor At Filmfare Awards 2009


Kareena Kapoor At Filmfare Awards 2009


Kareena Kapoor at the 2009 Filmfare Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. glad she didnt follow the one boob trend…dont like the saree much..old boring bt loved how she worn it with the right accesories and makeup and just love her hairstyle it goes perfect with the saree, this woman is in true style..if she can make manish malhotra saree glamorous there she wins

  2. This sari is similar to Bipasha’s in terms of transparent, heavily embroidered, floral pattern. But Kareena wears it so much better.
    The blouse looks normal, the sari is well-draped, the big hair and makeup is fab!

  3. is there no other designer in bollywood except manish and G&N ….. its the same ole stuff.. i really don’t see anyone doing quirky/shocking/funky/experimental etc etc ….

    manish needs to go… he was gr8 when he stormed the scene with rangeela and gave the top heroines a much needed makeover … but now his stuff is jaded and the ppl wearing them really don’t stand out… seen this, seen that..

    boring and predictable

  4. I agree – the saree may not be pathbreakingly stylish, but she looks like a superstar – the diva-esque hair, the dramatic eye make up, and the ultra confident expression all add up to a fierce red carpet appearance. I think the apt comparison would be to Angelina Jolie at this year’s Oscars – not a very original dress but a great look overall.

  5. Saif helping her is really cute.. aww .. I do like the sari and i think she look gorgeous – as always!! Last year’s sari was really pretty too!!

  6. Love the saree, but she actually makes the whole look not just great but FABULOUS!!
    hair and make-up very glamourous and different from others.

    Never seen her look so good, specially the 3rd pic, this is shocking as I don’t really find her that pretty.

    In the first pics the embroidery looks silver, but in 4th pic its actually golden brown, love it more now.

  7. The floral pattern makes the sari look dated, but Kareena looks good either way. I like her in these kinds of pics rather than fashion mag shoots.

  8. the saree is nothing special at all! i dont see how kareena made it work or how anybody can make it special.

    watever kareena has done to her face, it looks good.

  9. I never used to think she was pretty either but much as I can’t stand her I do think she is extremely gorgeous in a very unconventional manner which is nice. I hate that “look” as well..she does it in all her movies it is so irritating. She looks like a movie star.. something that apparently is very hard to do because not many of them get it right.

  10. am just wondering how kareena would like in a sabyasachi creation..or it may be too subdued for her personality which is real bold and vibrant

  11. its not bad…but its sooooooo obvious!…the same old sari the same old sequins and those shiny silver earrings *yawn*=/

    she does look beautiful though…and those cheekbones are AMAZING.

  12. She looks stunning!! Bored of Manish Malhotra, but she always manages to own the designs and look good. I love the way she has draped the saree. The classic is also the best.

  13. WOW she looks beautiful! Way to rock a smoky eye/ nude lip combination. I love her and Saif together even though after I saw Race I wanted him and Bipasha to get married.

  14. I’m not crazy about the sari but the colour is good choice and she looks fantastic as well as happy.Love the hair and believe it or not lol I like the raccoon eyes. She wore something similar to a sabyasachi creation for Miss India I think.


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