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While she was out and about in Mumbai, Kareena was photographed in a pair of dragon-print Jaded London pants and a heart-print Zadig and Voltaire tee. Hoops, sneakers and an Hermes bag rounded out her look. Can’t say I was a fan of the separates, definitely not when worn together. In comparison, spotting her in the basic tee, button-down, denims and espadrilles was an absolute palate cleanser.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I think it’s because most people in Bollywood dress so atrociously that basic styling seems much better in comparison.
      Although I dislike the first look here.

    • Yes, this comment makes me think that “What Celebrities Wear” could be an apt description of this site.

      Not that this is an issue, for I imagine many (of us) are curious about clothes, accessories, styling, etc., as they pertain to celebrities whom we love, admire, hate, envy… whatever. Fashion (or style) isn’t always a given thing, as I have learned after perusing HHC for so many years now. These sightings don’t necessarily give a clue about the personal style of these celebs either, as they are professionally styled nearly all the time.

    • I meant basic as in forgettable. A KK sighting in jeans is like those news items that breathlessly announce someone famous ate a sandwich.

      Oddly the first pic is like the fashions of decade old K-dramas, apart from the flares.

  1. Agree 100%. And homophone mixup 🙂 should be “palate cleanser”. palate = roof of your mouth, also used when discussing taste in a broader sense. A palette is a board on which you lay/mix paints.


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