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Alternating between hot-pink slides and gold-toned flats, Kareena has been sticking to easy, fuss-free dresses lately. And who can blame her!?! Among these, have a favorite? I am partial to the blue dress on her!

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Kareena walks to her new flat almost everyday to supervise the refurbishment… its a building site, so she wants to be safe…that explains the pink flats. Very sensible choice for Indian road and site conditions.
    She’s been preferring dresses lately, I guess she feels hot and just wants to be comfortable.

      • Whether 200 metres or 1000 ( I don’t know)… it’s the same in terms of uneven footpaths, stones, irregular steps what not in India.. not to mention they put overly slippery tiles in foyer areas of building… she’s even carrying drawings in the 1st pic, she obviously walks around evaluating/ supervising the work on site, not just sitting on a chair.
        I don’t like the colour of the slippers but they seem safe and comfortable….Kareena is rightly concerned about these things. My admiration for her just went up; she’s not shallow and dresses as per the situation rather than for the camera.

  2. I am just happy that stuff is being repeated by her- be it the pink flats or the golden chappals…not common to see celebrities repeating anything, even if its shoes for gymwear- which is so sad…

  3. She looks comfortable which is great but is it a look you need to cover? There are a lot more celebs than a handful that you choose to feature, no matter what they wear.

    Would appreciate if we can hear you PoV – so many of your readers have made requests/ provided opinions but we never get your response

  4. I’m guessing it’s a girl this time. i’m liking the fuss-free look. For a woman who’s heavily pregnant she really keeps active which is nice.

  5. Ok she’s pregnant and is wearing her Lalita ji nighties and house slippers. She’s running errands supervising her stuff…..BUT high fashion it is not. Please make a distinction and be more discerning while posting about fashion. That being said Kareena is dressing more comfortably in her second pregnancy than her first. Her first was just looks copied/borrowed from Kim Kardashian. Very unoriginal and extremely uncomfortable (to look as well) ! Anyway – you do you HHC – it’s not like you would be improving your output and focus anytime soon.

  6. Still don’t understand why every single look of Kareena’s is covered but none of Anushka’s maternity looks were covered, even the ones for Ad campaigns?

  7. She looks comfortable but except the blue look I don’t feel the others are coverage worthy. I liked her first pregnancy looks more. Maybe this time she’s too tired to dress up.


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