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Kareena, who was in Bangalore, for an event, flew back to Mumbai and headed straight to her cousin Armaan’s Roka ceremony wearing a red Raghavendra Rathore churidaar suit. Hubby Saif did all-white wearing a kurta with jodhpur pants and a bundi jacket.

He sure looked spiffy but I found Kareena’s kurta a bit dated.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think it’s classic, not dated. They both look nice. I particularly like that they look like guests and not like they are competing with the couple that’s getting engaged.

      • Agree! It was a lovely shade of red and Kareena looked gorgeous.. these pics are really bad.
        And that’s a very classic “heavy” suit, not dated.

      • I agree.. in the video ( on Insta), the color is a beautiful deep red and the suit looks exquisite. I would wear the suit in a heart beat. Looked comfortable, traditional and elegant. She actually got dressed at the Bangalore airport for the wedding.

    • They both have such different styles, then why should she see what Karishma is wearing? I think they both look event appropriate in their own ways.

    • Exactly
      Unless its a 15 meter long drowning tent buried in tacky embroidery and sequins and split open till the navel and some new agey dejyner name on it
      We cannot call it “lovely “ Sorry:P

      P.S the anarkali needs to die already

  2. She looks pretty and happy. So what if it is seems outdated ? In today’s environmental crisis it’s important we bring out our old stuff and wear it with pride rather than buying new trendy stuff which will again be outdated in a few years. A brake on consumerism can mave a difference to our planet.

  3. Am I the only one who felt this look of Kareena is super dated ?
    She can do much much much better .. million times better. I’ve seen her done super simple or traditional outfit that looked better than this.
    It’s a miss

  4. Why do they look so uncomfortable, like they aren’t used to being photographed…weird body language.
    Red is her color but this is too “low key wedding” bridal

    • EXACTLY!
      Saree with no blouse, saree that looks like a circus clown pant, saree that looks like a mini skirt, saree that looks like a ball gown, saree with no underskirt, saree like a bikini……..
      are all supposedly “lovely, trendy, bold”

      Celebrities are trend slaves and their assistants are needy for bosses to get max clicks/eyeballs on the internet, they will wear/recommend any trash.

      P.S. the word “edgy” needs to die already from fashion blogs 😛

  5. I don’t think it is dated At all. Infact this looks real, like she pulled it out of her own wardrobe rather than have it curated. Would love to see more celebs do toned down and more personal looking clothes!

  6. It seems like everyone with a smartphone is so updated on fashion trends that the classic styles have been forgotten for a while. I will take this any day rather than some of the very unflattering and idiotic trends celebs have been sporting. This, in a way, gives the common man permission to use the classic styles that have been tucked away in the wardrobe for a while!

    • TV starlet Roshni Chopra is a dejyner now much like Shweta Bachchan, I saw her online page, she has turned my grandmas’s 1970s Garden Vareli saree into a nau vari style dhoti and she sells it for Rs. 25,000.
      Shweta Bachchan “Designed” outfits can be bough on Nordstrom Rack for $10.

      Its so “edgy” it sells online at thrift and discount stores

      I bet Natasha Poonavala or her TV starlet cousin will wear it for free, and then fans of the celebrity will go dump money to get that “one and only hand crafted” saree turned into a dhoti or the ugly Shweta Bachchan blouses :p

      Fashion ke naam par kuch bhi defines 99% of fashion coming out of India

      • I wish I could like this comment a 1000 times. That is so true.

        And magazines like Vogue India have done their share by “Bollywoodizing” everything Indian fashion related.

  7. I loved seeing a straight kurta here after ages! I could never get behind the yards n yards of anarkali trend myself. It’s almost like back to basics. I like her here!

  8. They mostly complement each other’s dressing style well. I love how when we are shown a classic now, we are all calling it dated. When Aishwarya Rai does this, we all go crazy. This is event appropriate without upstaging the couple in question. I love how we sound like gossiping ladies dissecting guests and their outfits at a family get-together except none of us were even invited lol….

    I think Saif hates being papped 24/7 more than Kareena and it is easy to see that. I can almost picture their argument:
    K: Oh c’mon, one good pic/pose and we get the attention
    S: One is enough, how many do they need? I am done posing!

    I wish Taimur was present dressed as mini Saif here…would have made some interesting commentary…

  9. I completely love everything about the look.. Its not out dated.. For once its something normal people would wear to a family wedding function…


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